On March the 4th, the conference VIZBI 2014 will host several tutorials focused on biological data visualization and manipulation. If you’re interested in Assemble2 and in RNA structure, you will be able to follow my own tutorial during the afternoon.

I will expose you the basic principles of RNA architectures and i will illustrate them with Assemble2. You will also practice with Assemble2 in order to reveal the folding properties of your RNA molecule. Among the different features that are available with Assemble2, you will more precisely learn how to:
• combine bioinformatics predictions and experimental data (structure probing, NGS reads,…) to quickly identify the best candidates for a secondary structure,
• identify the consensus secondary structure for a set a related/orthologous RNA molecules,
• annotate a solved tertiary structure into a secondary one that can be used as a 3D exploration guide,
• edit an RNA secondary structure interactively to fit your experimental data and/or hypothesis,
• derive a new tertiary structure from a solved one using an user-driven mutagenesis approach (deletion, insertion and/or substitution of single residues),
• use an RNA secondary structure to query a database of recurrent RNA 3D motifs extracted from solved structures,
• construct a 3D model from scratch for an entire RNA molecule or domain.

You will find all the details for registration on the website of the conference. I hope to see you there.