You can download it from this page. The new features and modifications are the following:

  • new color themes based on ColorBrewer,
  • a multiple selection from the secondary structure navigator can be colored at one go,
  • residues selected in the 2D panel keep their original color,
  • in the 2D toolbar, the eye icon allows to hide/display absolute positions,
  • the secondary structure can be centered on the selection,
  • if a recent file is not anymore available, it is automatically removed from the menu “Load Recent…”,
  • the algorithm inferring a new 2D and 3D from a structural alignment has been fixed. The 2D structure is inferred first, then the tertiary interactions are added if their residues are conserved between the reference and target sequences,
  • Assemble2 can be configured to not launch Chimera at startup and to not pop up the lateral panels automatically,
  • two new icons have been added in the 2D toolbar: (i) one to clip the 2D to the upper-left corner of the canvas and (ii) one to make a screenshot of the 2D as a PNG file.