For several tasks (2D prediction, 3D annotation,…), Assemble2 delegates the work to a bunch of Web services. By default, Assemble2 is configured to use our public server ( But if you want to speed up Assemble2, you can deploy your own server locally. I have recently updated the way to do it. You will need to install on your machine:

The next releases of Assemble2 will provide a file named “Vagrantfile” containing all the details to transparently install a linux virtual machine containing the webservices needed by Assemble2. For now, you need to download the file from here and to install it in your Assemble2 directory. Once done, go into the Assemble2 directory and type from a command line:

vagrant up

The first time, this will take a while since Vagrant will download the linux virtual machine on your own computer. Once done, type:

vagrant ssh

This will log you into the virtual machine. Then type from the command line of the virtual machine:

This launches the server hosting the web services. Now start Assemble2, open the configuration panel (File -> Configure -> Assemble2) and change the Web Services Address like the following :