Assemble2 meets Docker

When i decided to connect Assemble2 to Web services, the idea was to free the user from installing the algorithms.  But Web services have other limitations like difficulties to submit large data sets or accessibility (server down, stucked, behind a firewall,…). Consequently, i have decided to restore the ability to use algorithms installed on the user computer. And i think that this option is becoming interesting thanks to tools like Docker.

Here is the steps to follow to use the first release of Assemble2 powered by Docker:


docker pull fjossinet/assemble2
  • by default, the local mode of Assemble2 is selected in the configuration window (File -> Configure -> Assemble2)

Sans titre


With the current Development release, you should be able to annotate 3D structures from PDB files, predict 2Ds from FASTA files and plot 2Ds from FASTA/BPSEQ/CT files. The ability to search for 3D fragments is not available for the time being. This is planed for the next release. Sorry for this delay.



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