A new Development Release is available

I have fixed the popup window saying that you cannot reach the web server, even if you choose to use Docker.

By the way, you have to start Assemble2 from the command line, using one of the launch scripts (./launch_Assemble2_for_MacOSX.command for example). If you double-click on the jar, Assemble2 will not get the shell PATH and then will not be able to find Docker.



2 thoughts on “A new Development Release is available

  1. Very nice application! It’s good to link to Chimera, but there is no direct way linking to Coot yet.
    Is It possible to connect RNA modeling in Coot extension/application? We prefer to use Coot to build the detailed RNA structure, and adjust global conformation in Chimera at most cases. Alan Brown even mentioned to import RNA 3D model from Assemble2 to Coot. It would be nice if there is internal data importing or plug in application available.
    Many thanks,

    1. Dear Wen.
      Sorry for this late reply. Several people asked me for a Coot connection. I’m planning a new development and release of Assemble2 this year. A Coot link is one of the new features i’m thinking about. Thank you for your input.

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