I have released Assemble2.3 which is now able to connect to new computation backends.

Assemble2 needs a computation and data backend to automate several tasks of a working session, like:

  • the 2D prediction from an RNA primary sequence
  • the 2D annotation from an RNA tertiary structure
  • the 2D plot of a secondary structure
  • queries of 3D fragments from a 2D selection.

This computation and data backend is based on the project named RNA Science Toolbox. Assemble2 is now configured to use several backends deployed on an OpenStack cloud and fully configured.

From the activity toolbar, a mouse-click on the gear icon will now open a window allowing you to easily switch between several servers available. The choice “localhost:8080” is for a server deployed on you own computer, as described in the documentation of the RNA Science Toolbox project.