First of all, I would like to apologize for this too long silence. I had health issues which forced me to stop my job temporarily. Since recently, I have restarted my teaching activity. Now I’m feeling quite ready to reboot Assemble2 and to send news to its community.

Many users have had issues concerning Assemble2 and the ability to start/use the tool. The Java platform on which Assemble2 has been developed has evolved in a way that an important graphical component is not able to run anymore. This component has been developed by a third-party developer and is not updated anymore. If you stick to Java 8, you should be able to run Assemble2 efficiently. My first goal now is to make Assemble2 compatible with the last versions of Java. But to do so, i need to rethink its graphical interface.

Concerning the issue to connect the webservices, the “official” server is down. Before my time-off period, I released an alternative way to run the RNA algorithms through a Docker image ( But I understand that this could be tricky to configure for some of you.

Consequently, i will start a new way to help you and to send news concerning the upcoming updates of Assemble2 (and of other tools like my new RNArtist, more soon). I’m gonna launch a Discord server that will allow you to contact me and to allow users to help each others. It will be really easy to use, you will just need to create your own Discord account (, install the app and wait for my invitation to join us.

If you’re still interested in Assemble2, please contact me by email to let me know. I will send you soon an invitation to join the Discord server. For the time being, I have also launched a twitter account to communicate about my bioinformatics developements (mainly on RNA) and my teaching activity